Community Amenities

Community facilities and amenities are only available for use by HOA community members, in good standing, who physically hold the current year's community tags or the guests of community members who have guest tags available for all visitors over the age of 10 and older.  Facilities available are:

1.  Member access to Lakes Madison, Monroe and Jefferson with parking available at Madison and Monroe only.  
2.  Community swimming pool with diving board and detached baby pool
3.  Covered pavilions at the community park with attached playground. (covered picnic areas have charcoal grills)
4.  Covered pavilions at Lakes Madison and Monroe
5.  Open field park by the community pool
6.  Outdoor basketball court and larger attached blacktop area
7.  HOA community center
8.  Privately maintained roads, snow removal and HOA roadside maintenance, etc.
9.  Twice a year community yard sale
10.  Memorial Day community picnic to open the pool

For an exhaustive list of amenities please contact the PLPOA main office:


(540) 775-7000


[email protected]