General Information

HOA ASSESSMENTS: As of May 1, 2020, late fee and interest will be added to payment. Interest accumulates monthly.

EXTERIOR CHANGES NOTICE: Many property owners are taking this "stay at home" time to spruce up their property exteriors. With this is mind, please remember:
1. Exterior changes must be approved in advance by the ACC-call with questions
2. Call before cutting down any trees. The PLPOA ACC Inspector will make an evaluation that a tree is dead/diseased/dying or a danger and therefore removable. 

June 24, 2020 

Results of Tues 6/21/2020 BOD meeting that may impact you:

Boats with Internal Combustion Engines:
It was reaffirmed that "No boats with internal combustion engines are allowed on the lakes."

Ice Cream Trucks:
Two ice cream trucks will be allowed in PL four(4) days a week.  They are to provide to the office proof of current insurance, King George County business license AND to display a sign in a visible location on their vehicle indicating they have been granted permission to be on PL roads.  If the truck is in an area PLEASE be especially mindful as children may dart from anywhere.

Other notices
Contracted vendors:
Because our roads are narrow and site visibility is limited in some areas, for safety reasons, it has been requested you ask your contractor to place safety cones or some other indication that a work vehicle is present. 

The installation of speed bumps was to slow people down and provide more safety for those using the roads for getting out and about.  Now, there are complaints that walkers are not respecting drivers.  Multiple people staying abreast of each other while on the road can impact safe vehicle passage.   If you are on a PL road as walker, biker, etc. please move to the side of the road to allow vehicles to pass safely.

BOD Officer Election:
The four officers for fiscal year 2020 are Elizabeth Boynton, Dave Cheramie, Amber Keller, Linda Williams

All prospective buyer signs(green) on the billboard signs are being temporarily removed. They will be back. Some wording is being enlarged to make it more readable/noticeable from the road.
Dallas Court: A billboard sign is being installed with the consent of the nearby property owners on this road!!!!!
Stevenson Drive: The vandalized sign at the entrance is in the process of being refurbished once again. It will be a process to get the sign re-painted.

Landscaping Contributions:
During Spring 2020 several community members have donated labor and landscaping supplies (tools, plants) to enhance the gardens:  John & MaryAnn L, Wendy S, Gail D, Elizabeth N.  Thank-you very much. aka 'the garden lady' (Linda)
6/12/2020: All signs including political need to be approved by the ACC


FYI – Various Updates June 8, 2020


The Association has had some very vocal public negative feedback.  At the same time there has been very positive feedback, but that hasn't been as publicly vocal.   Also the speed bumps are working as intended.  Speed reduction has been dramatic in the installation areas making it much safer for community members to walk on the roads.

FYI - The speed bump reduction at the Madison entrance did not cost the Association any money, but to do any work on any other speed bump will cost money.

However, the plan going forward is the reminder of the speed bumps will have some reduction by simply using heat and compression.  It is believed this can be accomplished with our maintenance crew and a couple of volunteers to help with traffic.  The optimum time to do this is during the dog days of summer.   Will you volunteer? Someone will contact you when it is time.   Contact the office via e-mail:  Put the subject matter  'Volunteer speed bumps". Put in availability and a phone number in case the effort is a last minute decision.


Federal census takers are allowed for door-to-door knocking in the PL community.   Each address should have received a census invitation with a unique number to access your on-line individual account.  Please take the time to fill it out to reduce the number of extraneous people accessing our private community.

Solicitors:  Send information regarding on who they are to the office so they can be officially notified via phone or letter they are not welcome.

Kindness:  Please remember that your BOD is a group of volunteers and the office is staffed by a single individual.  Historically, the BOD has not wanted to add a 2nd person because the BOD is very conscious of the additional cost so we as a community muddle along.  There are over 2800 people living in here and we do want to hear from you, but please do it in a kind manner taking into consideration that we are trying to do our best..................and constructive comments and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.  We realize people are in a different place right now, but  PLEASE be kind to our contracted employees too.   Everyone deserves respect be in person, via e-mail or any other form of communication.

Meal Deliveries: Thank you to Carol Sondrini for setting up Honey Baked Ham and to Alicia Mudd for setting up Will’s Place Puerto Rican food truck.

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